• The Importance of Kindness

    By Aaron (Laie), age 13

    My substance is kindness, because I am kind to everyone, no matter the circumstances.

  • Art Runs In The Family

    By Aiden (Mililani), age 13

    My substance is art. The reason my substance is art is because of my family. My mom’s dad, my grandfather, has been teaching my brother and sister art. In fact, because my grandfather encourages me to draw more and because of that I take art in school. I can draw many ... Read more...

  • The Sand And The Water

    By Alyssa (Mililani), age 11

    My Substance is going to the beach. This makes me, me, because my family and I go to the beach together and have some fun. I am passionate about being a snorkeler because I like going underwater and seeing fish all the time!

  • I Put My All into Football!

    By Bailey (Mililani), age 11

    Football is my substance. I will put my all into football. No matter how many people say it is too hard, I will still play football. No matter how many people ask me for drugs or to drink, I won’t do it. I won’t let anything get in my way! Nothing ... Read more...

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