• I Am A Computer Programmer

    By Deane (Mililani), age 12

    My substance is computer programming because it is relaxing and I can make cool things like games.

  • I Have Lots of Substance

    By Erika (Mililani), age 11/em>


    My substance is softball because I can yell and cheer.
    My substance is science because I want to become a doctor and help people.
    My substance is music because it helps me calm down from different things.
    My substance is determination because ...

  • Dance Gives Me Meaning

    By Haylie (Mililani), age 12

    My substance is dancing because it makes me feel free! If you’re bored you can just dance and let out all the boredom. You could just dance for fun! You don’t have to have music, you can just dance with your heart!

  • I am Passionate About Water Polo

    By Isabella (Sunset), age 16

    I am passionate about water polo. It makes me so happy knowing my team and I could win a state championship. We work so hard every day, and I love the feeling of that. I hope to continue my career in college. I am unique because I surf before school a lot. With ... Read more...

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