• I Love Laughing

    By Maranatha (Mililani), age 11

    My substance is laughter because I love to make others laugh and comfort them when they’re sad and I love to see them smile because I know how laughing can bring people together and help them get along. Many families come together because of it – sharing those embarrassing moments and turning them ... Read more...

  • Music Makes Me Unique

    By Maria (Mililani), age 11


    My substance is music because when I sing, dance, or write my own songs I can relieve my problems and calm down. It’s like I’m in my own world.

  • I’m Unique Because I Love to Draw

    By Maybelle (Kahuku), age 13


    I love to read because it takes me to a different place where everything is a perfect world for me. I also love to draw because it allows me to express my feelings without words. It makes my mind ... Read more...

  • All Star Cheer Keeps Me Moving!

    By Mia (Mililani), Age 11


    My substance is All Star Cheer. This makes me unique because I am committed and determined. My substance is also learning. This makes me unique because in the future I could become really smart and get a good job. Lastly, ... Read more...

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