• I’m Unique Because I am Loyal

    By Mursina (Laie), age 13


    My substance is…… I’m loyal and love when people turn to me for advice or knowing I will not turn on them. I have this value I’ve developed years ago. I’m unique because not everyone is trustworthy and we all ... Read more...

  • Soccer is My Substance

    By Napua (Kahuku), age 16


    I am very passionate about soccer. I really love the sport and I’ve been playing it my entire life. Every day that I play soccer, I feel good.It also makes me very happy to be playing it. I am unique because I ... Read more...

  • Soccer is My Substance!

    By Neveah (Mililani), age 10


    My substance is soccer because I like to be competitive and active. Reasons why else I like soccer is because:
    1) I can work with my team and everyone works together
    2) I can learn how to do tricks and new skills
    3) I ...

  • I am Hardworking

    By Patricia (Hau’ula), age 13


    My substance is being smart because I am a hardworking person and always doing my homework. I am hard working person cause, I turn in homework on time and I try again everytime I get something wrong. I am smart cause I practice ... Read more...

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