Softball Is My Positive Substance

by Ivi (Kailua), age 12

My positive substance is softball. I have been playing since I was around five years old. Playing softball makes me really happy and it is my favorite thing to do. When I get older I want to play softball in college and maybe play in the Olympics. I know that may sound crazy, but it is my dream and I really hope to achieve it in the future. I practice three nights a week with my team and then usually two other nights at home, and play two games on Saturdays. Playing softball keeps me super busy, but I love it. I have never really thought about doing any types of drugs or alcohol because I know that if I state doing that kind of stuff it could have a negative effect on my health and how I play softball. Drugs and alcohol could also ruin my future goals of playing softball in college. I am very passionate about this sport and I wouldn’t want anything to ruin my chances of achieving my dreams.

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