You love hopping onto your surfboard, playing basketball with friends, just going on an energizing solo jog—or maybe you have your own unique way of staying active.

Sea, ground, or sky, there’s no limit to where you can go. As long as you focus on whatever keeps you moving, then your body, mind and spirit are healthy and happy.

Not Exactly You?

Everyone has their own substance. If Athleticism doesn’t sound like yours, you can explore more options below.

Check out these other substances:

Get inspired by our Voices With Substance—learn about people from Hawai‘i who have found their substance.

What makes you, you?

Discover your substance. Here are some things you can do with your athletic energy:

Team Sports

Play beach volleyball with friends, try out for soccer at your school, or cheer for your team. Keep your eye on the “goal” and have fun.

Water Activities

Go surfing, paddling, or just keep swimming. Drink up the excitement in these wet and wild adventures.

Individual Sports

Get on your bike, check out martial arts, or relax your mind in a yoga class; channel your energy through your passion.