Kaila (Mililani)

Getting some vitamin Sea

by Kaila (Mililani), age 11

My positive substance is the beach. Since we live on an island there are many beaches. Going to the beach and cooling down is so relaxing and calming. I just went to a beach over the weekend. I go to the beach a lot with my family and friends. Whenever I go to the beach I am probably with some family and friends. I know my siblings also like to go to the beach because their always excited, bringing many toys and floats. Whenever my family and friends go hiking, we always go to the beach after because its the perfect way to cool down. 

Som of my favorite beaches are Ko Olina, Aweoweo, and Ali’i. Ko olina is one of my favorites because there are many beaches that you can choose from. Even though its pretty crowded, its one of my favorites. Aweoweo and Ali’i are two that I go to ALOT! At Aweoweo I love to go scuba diving! The rock wall at Ali’i is fun to walk on. 

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