Amber Mozo is a 20-year-old self-proclaimed “surf rat” from O‘ahu. Her first love is the ocean, then comes photography. Growing up in Hawai‘i, she rode her bike around, checked the waves, surfed with her friends, and took photos of it all—as she still does today. “I love living on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean,” she says. “I’m literally surrounded by the sea—how
amazing is that!”

Passion for the ocean and photography runs in the family. Amber’s father, legendary surf photographer Jon Mozo, passed away taking photos of the waves when Amber was nine years old. “That was hard on me,” she recalls. “He loved the ocean and life and photographing it all. After he died I picked up his camera and used it for years, and that’s when I really knew that I loved photography the same way he did.”

Her dad was also the one who taught her how to surf. “Now I get to surf with my siblings and do the same thing with them that I did with my dad. It brings me lots of peace.”

Her advice to first-time surfers? “Surf however you want. Don’t compare yourself to other people out in the water. Remember why you’re out there and focus on enjoying ocean time.”

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