Writing Is My Positive Substance

by Isabella (Kailua), age 12

My positive substance is writing. Writing may seem dull and boring, but some people have to try it for themselves to see and understand the impact it has on so many people. I deal with my feelings through writing because it helps me to express how I feel without any judgment from others. Writing may be viewed as encouraging, inspiring, meaningful, and relatable to some. I strive for my writings to be relatable and impactful because there is so much darkness and sorrow in this world that we all need a tiny dose of hope and encouragement.

I have always desired to be a “person of substance” or a motivational writer because the passion I’ve had to encourage others is obviously there and my obsession of trying to be a person that you can rely on. My hope is that one day people will write letters of encouragement to others until everyone receives a letter, lifting each others spirits. Life in general is rough, scary, harsh, and writing can help express how you feel about what is happening in your life. If anyone judges you, ignore them and remember that they may need encouragement, a little ray of sunshine, in there dark room.