Koryne (Haleiwa)

My Passion for the Violin Makes Me Unique

By Koryne (Haleiwa), age 15

I’m passionate about reading books, playing the violin, watching anime, and helping others. I really like to read the Mortal instruments. Playing the violin has been a way to relax for me for about 4-5 years. When helping others it makes me feel like I’m being of use for someone who really needs help in school or other problems going on in their life.

I think what makes me unique is my love for Math, Science, and English. Since those who like to read and write don’t generally like to do math and science. Also that I watch anime, since even though many people do watch it, I have the opportunity to cosplay (dress up) as my favorite character. Since many people don’t have the courage to go out in public with bright red hair. Even my passion for playing the violin makes me unique since its such a dorky instrument.

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