Patricia (Hau’ula)

I am Hardworking

By Patricia (Hau’ula), age 13

My substance is being smart because I am a hardworking person and always doing my homework. I am hard working person cause, I turn in homework on time and I try again everytime I get something wrong. I am smart cause I practice and practice and people mostly students ask me for help.

My other substance is basketball and softball because I am good at basketball and always wanted to be a basketball player. I am passionate about softball cause I have been practicing pitching and batting at home, at the park, even on a softball field. I want to be a basketball and softball player. I have dreamed about it my whole life.

My substance is being kind hearted because when a kid or student needs help, I help them. When someone needs someone to be kind to them, I am kind. I am friendly and kind to others.

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