There are so many ways to be athletic. Try these other ideas:

Team Sports—Play beach volleyball with friends, try out for soccer at your school, or cheer for your team. Keep your eye on the “goal” and have fun.

Individual Sports—Get on your bike, check out martial arts, or relax your mind in a yoga class; channel your energy through your passion.


Not Exactly You?

Everyone has their own substance.
If water activities doesn’t sound
like yours, you can explore more
options below.

Take the quiz to discover your substance and find out what
motivates you.

Check out these other substances:

Get inspired by our Voices With Substance— learn about people from Hawai‘i who have found their substance.

Get Moving

Just go out there and explore water activities at your school, community and more:

  • Swim with the fishes at Hanauma Bay: This bay is known for its white sand, calm shallow water, and high fish population
  • Attend exciting surfing events in Oahu or other surf spots around the world
  • Go on an ocean adventure: Kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, or diving
  • Join a Canoe Club on Oahu: Open to all ages for both competitive and recreational purposes
  • Take advantage of the good spots for whale watching from the shore
  • Conquer your fears: Swim with the sharks within the safety of a cage. Shark Adventure with Diving Cage is great for adrenaline junkies and an awesome way to experience sharks in their natural habitat 

Stay Focused

Focus on water activities, keep improving, and have fun as you set and fulfill goals:

  • When in doubt, don’t go out! Junior Lifeguard Hawaii holds an eight-week summer program for teens ages 13-18 to provide important ocean safety, such as CPR, first aid, and other ocean skills. YMCA Lifeguard Certification also provides participants with the proper knowledge and skills needed to be a lifeguard or professional rescuer
  • Check out Hokule‘a Polynesian Voyaging Society: Track the voyage, read crew blogs, and learn about the history and future of Polynesian voyaging

Get Involved

Great minds think alike. Connect and work with other people who like water activities as you reach your dream:

  • Take action and learn about the importance of Ocean Conservation
  • Help protect the ocean, waves and beaches with Surfrider Foundation: Get involved in DIY projects or beach clean-ups
  • Volunteer with He‘eia Fish Pond to help with the restoration and rehabilitation work on the ancient fish pond: The work is hard, but rewarding!
  • Check out He‘eia Ahupua‘a Internship (paid!): This program provides a unique opportunity to work outdoors and learn skills important to restore, preserve and protect resources. Most of the work will take place at He‘eia Fishpond, but the concept behind the internship is to nurture the mauka/makai ahupua‘a relationship