There are so many ways to be compassionate. Try these other ideas:

Volunteering—Whether you’re organizing a food drive, volunteering at a clinic, or simply being a friend, you’ll fill others’ hearts as you fulfill your purpose.

Cooking & Baking—Volunteer with friends in a kitchen, bake a cake, or just check out farmers markets. Nourish your body and spirit with the culinary arts.

Not Exactly You?

Everyone has their own substance. If compassion for animals doesn’t sound like yours, you can explore more options below.

Take the quiz to discover your substance and find out what
motivates you.

Check out these other substances:

Get inspired by our Voices With Substance—learn about people from Hawai‘i who have found their substance.

Get Moving

Just go out there and explore your compassion for animals at your school, community and more:

Stay Focused

Focus on your compassion for animals, keep improving, and have fun as you set and fulfill goals:

  • Thinking about studying zoology or veterinary science in college? High school classes to help you prepare include: Biology, Chemistry,  Physics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Computer Science, and Communications.
  • Check out Windward Community College’s veterinary assistant program: Learn to be an effective assistant in a veterinarian’s office, animal shelter or animal research facility
  • Heart Horses offers Equine Assisted Learning for ages 8–17: Interact with horses to learn social skills, communication, boundaries, respect, empathy, leadership and more

Get Involved

Great minds think alike. Connect and work with other people who like animals as you reach your dream: