There are so many creative ways to express yourself. Try these other ideas:

Music—Whatever your genre, you can have jam sessions with your friends, write song lyrics, or just listen to the melodies flow. Find your own rhythm.

Acting & Theater—Be as dramatic, funny or energetic as you want. The possibilities are endless when you can be whoever you want to be.

Not Exactly You?

Everyone has their own substance.
If Dance and Hula doesn’t sound
like yours, you can explore more
options below.

Take the quiz to discover your substance and find out what
motivates you.

Check out these other substances:

Get inspired by our Voices With Substance—learn about people from Hawai‘i who have found their substance.

Get Moving

Just go out there and explore dance/hula at your school, community and more:

Stay Focused

Focus on dance/hula, keep improving, and have fun as you set and fulfill goals:

  • Thinking of studying dance performance in college? High school classes to help you prepare include: theater arts, music, and music theory
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa’s dance program offers a broad curriculum that educates the mind and body of the dancer
  • Check out the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) and learn about the two basic types of Tahitian dances

Get Involved

Great minds think alike. Connect and work with other people who like dance/hula as you reach your dream:

  • Na Hula Festival started in 1941 in celebration of the artistry and grace of Hawai‘i’s premiere dance form. It focuses on preserving the ancient art of hula and is the longest-running noncompetitive event
  • Want to pursue your career in performing arts, dance, or hula? Look for opportunities in your community that help develop your physical skills, but also explore the history, theory, and science of your art. Gear up for a tough schedule of technique and choreography classes, long evenings in rehearsal, and academic classes.
  • Attend Hawaii’s premiere hula competition, the Merry Monarch Festival