• Learning New things at School

    By Zalyah (Kilauea), age 14

    I like to cook/bake. I like to learn new recipes. I am passionate about sports. My favorite sport is soccer. I really like learning and getting better at tricks and drills. My substance is going to school because I get ... Read more...

  • I’m An Explorer

    By Zan (Mililani), age 11

    My substance is traveling/exploring. Traveling/exploring is my substance because it allows me to break free from reality & truly enjoy my life & all that God has blessed me with. What makes me, myself, is my childhood, friends, & probably genetics. My friends make ... Read more...

  • Swimming Is My Substance

    By Zola (Mililani), age 12

    My substance is swimming. When I swim I feel great! It is so peaceful under the water, I absolutely love going swimming! Whether it’s the beach or the pool, count me in!


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