• My Substance is Reading

    By Jade (Sunset), age 16

    Although I’m dyslexic, I’ve developed a deep love for reading and writing. Getting lost in a story is like being in a whole different world. In a good book, you feel like you’re going through everything the characters are going through, too. It’s a very special feeling; anyone ... Read more...

  • Music Makes Me, Me

    By Jadyne (Mililani), age 11

    My substance is playing guitar and piano because it lets me embrace myself through music.

  • Soccer Is More Than A Sport

    By Jenna (Mililani), age 12

    Everyone has something that they like to do that makes them unique. Soccer is my substance that makes me unique. I like being on a team with my friends and also making future friends. They can come to me and talk ... Read more...

  • Strength is my Substance

    By Jennifer (Kahuku), age 13

    My substance is I am my own person and I don’t let anyone change me or get to me because I can stand strong and not let anyone bring me down or change me.


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