• I Really Love Doing Things Outdoors

    By Jessica (Laie), age 16

    I am passionate about many things but I really love doing things outdoors. I love hiking, surfing, scuba diving, riding horses, and anything that is outdoors. Many of my essays in school revolve around things like that and me wanting to travel because ... Read more...

  • Passion for Dance

    By Kassidy (Mililani), age 12


    I have a lot of things that make me unique, however my main substance is dance. I love to dance because when I dance I feel like all my stress goes away. And that I can show the world my feelings through the movements. I ... Read more...

  • Karate Keeps Me Grounded

    By Kelli (Mililani), age 13

    My substance is karate. It is my substance because I learn how to be focused, humble, and disciplined. It gives me more confidence and I feel like I can do anything.

  • Hard Work Pays Off

    By Kenai (Hau’ula), age 14


    My substance is never giving up and to try my hardest because hard work pays off.


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