• My Passion for the Violin Makes Me Unique

    By Koryne (Haleiwa), age 15


    I’m passionate about reading books, playing the violin, watching anime, and helping others. I really like to read the Mortal instruments. Playing the violin has been a way to relax for me for about 4-5 years. When helping ... Read more...

  • My Activity Is My Substance

    By Logan (Mililani), age 12

    My substance is exercising and playing baseball. These are my substance because both of those activities keep you in good shape and keep you active. I like exercising because it can build up my muscles so I can get better results when I play baseball. I like baseball because it is ... Read more...

  • Reading Is My Hobbie

    By Maggie (Mililani), age 11

    My substance is reading because it helps me learn new things and it is also a good way of entertainment. It takes a lot of my time and once I get addicted to a book, I don’t stop, so I don’t have time ... Read more...

  • Hula And Art Make My Heart Happy

    By Mailee (Mililani), age 11


    My substance is dancing Hula because Hula practice makes me happy and busy. Another substance is art because art keeps me calm and lets me get everything out of my mind.


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